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So have an action plan yet? I've been trying to think of what to do but there are negatives to every option. You could find bella noche again and then get marline to turn simon into a vampire?


Do I have an action plan?


From what I read in the Enchiridion while it was still in my possession, there are plenty of magical artifacts that might help. I really don’t want to resort to dark magic, though- the crown is an artifact of dark magic, and look what that did to him…

Therefore, I don’t think I’ll be contacting and bringing back an evil being to make him magic-less again, nor do I think I’ll be using vampirism to slow his aging process. As I said before ((in the episode)), I’m searching for a loophole, that will allow him to live normally.

While I won’t use dark magic, I will take advantage of those who have extensive knowledge of it- specifically that little peppermint man, as he is in the service of the greatest scientist in “Ooo.” I might use him to get to Death, and make a deal with him directly. 

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